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paper box reduce the carbon footprin


It is reported that this type of packaging box adopts a new type of composite cardboard material, which can effectively reduce the carbon footprint by 28% compared with the traditional paper packaging box.As a manufacturer of beverage and liquid food carton packs, SIG Combiblock has recently developed a sterile paper box with a volume of 1 liter. 

 Life cycle assessment is to analyze and evaluate the key elements of the raw materials produced by this company and the production process. At present, this type of CO2 emission reduction product has been recognized by the Life Cycle Assessment of the German Institute of Energy and Environmental Protection.

These wood fibers are extracted from wood and are a renewable raw material. According to British Reuters, this new type of packaging composite board contains 80% wood fiber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  

The new packaging box also contains a new type of ultra-thin polyamide film that maintains the fresh taste of the food in the carton. In addition, a layer of polyethylene is attached to the inside and outside of the box to isolate the outside moisture.

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