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Brand Paper Packaging and Gift Packaging Box and Bag


In recent years, in the general environment, the packaging and printing industry has entered the era of retail and easy packaging, making packaging and printing companies in an area in East China unreliable, but there are also many packaging plants that have taken precautions to change the traditional concepts of the past and began to lay out in advance.

Personal packaging and packaging began to prevail

According to reports, Mr. Chen, the person in charge of a packaging and printing company in Shishi City, for example, said: "You see the two things on my coffee table, sweet tea, a kind of melon seeds. In the past, they were all bags. Now, all are Packing and packaging, such as this one, can be packaged into a pack of a dozen or so packets. When it is opened, it can be eaten. It is convenient and not wasteful. This will be the packaging trend in the future.”

Mr. Chen explained that in order to be successful in the market, brand owners need to understand the potential needs of consumers. Through product packaging can also help consumers to identify specific quantification without knowing what the amount of use, which makes the packaging and packaging of goods more sophisticated and practical.

In addition, personalized packaging has become one of the effective tools brand owners use to attract customers. Brand suppliers began to increase their influence through the Internet and social media. With the prevalence of “private customization” of clothing, consumers’ understanding of the term “private customization” is more profound than before. For example, Heinz Ketchup, popular in the United States with a personal name tag, is popular because you can give it to your friends and loved ones as a gift. At the same time, advances in technology have led to more creative product ideas and lower costs. The rise of personalized packaging is a good example of the vitality of the packaging industry.

Green packaging will be more valued

According to statistics, in 2015, the country’s express delivery volume totaled 20,600 million, an increase of 48% year-on-year. The initial estimate consumed 2.96 billion woven bags, 8.26 billion plastic bags, 9.9 billion packaging boxes, 16.950 billion meters of tape, and 2.97 billion buffers. One. Just these courier tapes can pick up more than 400 turns around the Earth’s equator. Most of these plastic bags, woven bags, and adhesive tapes cannot be degraded.

Fuxing Packaging is Shishi's first company to obtain green packaging certification. The relevant person in charge of the company introduced that the new growth point of the packaging and printing market is relatively fortunate compared with other industries, because with the advancement of human science and technology and the improvement of living standards. , In the real estate-related industries and export processing industry stalled, courier packaging, cold chain packaging, agricultural packaging and other areas will generate new growth. In this context, green packaging is the development direction of packaging and printing companies of the moment, and technological innovation has generated a tremendous impetus in the packaging industry. We must apply these innovative technologies to specific packaging, using natural and concise design and richness. Green packaging concept to win consumers' affirmation.

In addition, the implementation of green printing is also a requirement for the implementation of the Central Sustainable Development Philosophy. It is a requirement for the implementation of the "people-oriented" principle. It is a need for energy conservation and emission reduction and a low-carbon economy. It is beneficial to human health, saves resources, and takes into account the next generation. The survival and development of human beings is the development direction of the packaging industry in the future, and it will be increasingly appreciated.

Liyang Paper Products Co., ltd is a factory and trade company located in Dongguan, China. Specialized in producing gift paper packaging, such as gift box,paper box, paper bag, book printing, notebook, folder, jewelry boxes, paper tags, jewelry tags,sticker,envelope, etc.
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